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Resident Evil Rule 63
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PR Spiranger copy by Raax-theIceWarrior
PR Spiranger copy
So the new Spirou mag had him dressing up as a masked superhero and really it prompted me to finish a picture I'd actually started ages ago which I could have claimed I beat Yoann to it if I had just finished this earlier.

Anyway, I had started devising a Spirou Power Rangers AU ages and also designed everyone's upgrades and power ups. Spirou's was the Fantacopter, courtesy of being designed by Fantasio and Gaston. Though this is the prototype though and it becomes more a thing on his backpack (as shown… )

Spirou's design was based on the GO-On Wings designs, or the Silver and Gold Rangers from RPM. Also Spirou's main weapon is a sword. His other weapon is the Spip Charger, where he fires a remote control robot spip to attack the badguys (based off the RPM Zip Charger… )

I did have so much planned for that AU, but never finished it. A few other details are all on this tumblr tag…
Spirou meeting Tintin by Raax-theIceWarrior
Spirou meeting Tintin
A little picture I did based off an old anonymous fic from the chat forum, which was about Tintin giving a talk at an orphanage where Spirou was at and then Spirou gets cold feet when he finally got the chance to talk to his hero. It was SO CUTE!
I don't know who wrote the original fic or if it got posted anywhere in the end. I would love to credit them.

I did this at work in felt tip pen and crayon because it was so quiet SOMEBODY NEEDS TO STOP ME AND NOT LEAVE ALONE AT THE ARTS AND CRAFTS STALL.
I've had this sketch for a long time but the problem was the crayon does not scan well and the colours were really faded. But I managed to fix it with a bit of tweaking.
Lapis and Steven by Raax-theIceWarrior
Lapis and Steven
Wanted to draw a nice scene between Lapis and Steven. Mostly I want Lapis to be happy, but this still has yet to happen in canon.
Spirou and Fantasio - Ice Cavern Escape by Raax-theIceWarrior
Spirou and Fantasio - Ice Cavern Escape
A possible continuation to my previous Ice Cavern pic. I wanted to have a go practising more comic pages, and I had been to a Gerry Anderson convention during the day and wanted to draw a comic that would capture the spirit of those shows. As well as having some proper adventure serial stuff going on.

And once again, I put Spirou into a deadly situation I have no idea how he's going to escape from. How will he get out of this?
Spirou and Fantasio - Ice Cavern exploration by Raax-theIceWarrior
Spirou and Fantasio - Ice Cavern exploration
A picture from a collection of spot illustrations for the ideas of a vague Spirou album I have in my head. First up Spirou and Fantasio journeying to an Artic location and discovering a set of hidden caves where there might once have been life.

I've been trying to practice a bit more on backgrounds and detail. Inspired by the Ice Cavern from Final Fantasy, the beautiful visuals of that level always stayed with me.

Now I just need to construct the rest of the plot...
Deary me, I haven't been here in a while. What on Earth happened? How's everybody doing?

Mainly most of my recent artwork has been posted up on my Tumblr,… these tend to be smaller sketches I wouldn't normally think would be big enough for DA. I should really release them as a sketchdump here.
The prevailing theme is Spirou and Fantasio, which I've recently got into, and Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies.

I've been getting into Tumblr recently, but really I miss DA's commenting and actual social side. Other than that, generally stuff at work has been keeping me busy.
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  • Reading: Doctor Who
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Storage facility for the GBvirus
United Kingdom
Raax is an Ice Warrior from the planet Mars. Always armed with her sonic cannon for any dangers ready to face her.

Current Residence: Antarctica
Favourite genre of music: Anything that carries a tune
Favourite style of art: Comic art...
Skin of choice: Green and scaly

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